Join our team as a EPCBE

For Doula's, Midwives, and CBEs who would like to teach our cirriculum with on-going support for the success of your Childbirth Education business.


    To certify students in the cirriculum of Empowered Parenthood's Holistic childbirth education


    To have a sound knowledge base in the anatomy, physiology, psychology, and sociology of the childbearing year.


    Empowered Parenthood is a resource hub for education and resources for pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Our childbirth education curriculum has been developed by a midwife and childbirth educator to provide a comphrensive, holistic approach to childbirth education.


    Easy to follow video lessons, training manual and resources - learn in your own time.


    Once certified, you will join our team as EPCBE and we will help you establish EP Holistic Antenatal Classes in your area - worldwide! We provide you on-going support and resources.


    Empowered Parenthood has diverse community projects both online and within New Zealand to ensure quality, holistic education is provided to EVERYONE. Be apart of a team who care for the planet and the people.


  • 7-Week Class Content

    Everyone who attends an Empowered Parenthood Holistic Antenatal Class will access our online classes for free, to watch as a refresher or if they skip a class. As an educator you have access to all of the content, to learn how our classes are different + utilise the resources for teaching material.

  • E.P.C.B.E workbook

    A detailed and easy to follow trainer manual including week-to-week class schedule, class content, nutritious snack ideas for classes.

  • Group presenting guide

    A guide on presenting to a group of people, including communication, compassion, how to hold space, activities and more.


  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    The course content is around 12 hours in total. You can complete this in your own time within a 12 month period. All content must be watched to complete assessment and receive certification.

  • How long do I have access to the content?

    You will have access to the content for 12 months.

  • Who is this course suitable for?

    This course is for those already working within the birth sector - midwives, doula's, childbirth educators - who are looking to expand their business to provide Holistic Antenatal Classes recognised with Empowered Parenthood brand.

  • Is this course available internationally?

    Yes! We want to bring New Zealand's world-leading maternity education system to educators all around the world. We are passionate about women, and their families, receiving this vital information to arm them on their journey to raising happy, heart-centred children and feeling confident in their decisions. From the comfort of your own home, you can develop your business to include EP's Holistic education curriculum and join our team as an educator.

  • What qualifications will this give me?

    After completion of this course, you will have an upskilled Certificate in Empowered Parenthood Holistic Childbirth Education and be a registered "E.P.C.B.E" With this, you can teach our E.P curriculum and we can support you in the running of your Childbirth Education business using our curriculum.

  • How MUCH do I get paid?

    You will receive 85% of ALL class profits. EP's Holistic Antenatal Classes are $199NZD which means if you have 10 couples attending, you will be paid $1700 for the 7-week course (or 4-weekend classes) If you are outside of New Zealand, we can work together with how to price your classes to match the market rate in your specific country. You will cover expenses for your own venue hire and snacks to bring to class, and any additional resources you need outside what we provide you with online.

  • How do I get paid?

    Once you have completed the course, you will be able to start running classes in your community as a contracted E.P.C.B.E This means you are your own boss! But we provide all the support and resources so you do not need to pay for your own website, and fees associated with online booking. We will advertise your classes, market on our Facebook page, and manage all bookings for your classes, and all you need to do is send an invoice for the number of attendees joining your class. The more people you have signed up, the more you get paid! So it's in your best interest to take full advantage of all the resources we provide you for marketing and support. You will also be featured on our website as an E.P.C.B.E for your location.

  • How many classes can I run?

    It is important to us that you provide quality of education - so run only as many classes as you can handle without resulting in burn out. We wouldn't recommend more than x2 classes per week. It is also important to orgnaise a back-up educator in your area who is also E.P.C.B.E certified, and we can help you connect with any existing.